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The Mindful Creators Academy Course is our signature program and has been tested and proven by professionals, entrepreneurs and individuals just like you, all over the world.


What can you expect in this online course?

  • Increased health and vitality.

  • Know exactly what you need to do to get the results you want from the Bedroom to the Boardroom.

  • Stop wasting time trying to please everyone (because it never works in the long run) and start feeling empowered to make the decisions that serve you and the world to the highest level.

  • Continue expanding your emotional intelligence so that all of your relationships keep getting better.

  • Stop wasting time and start focusing on the actions you need to take to live your life fully.

  • Learn how to stop beating yourself up when things go wrong and instead use the data to make your life even better! At work and at home.

  • Know that by making your life better, you can’t help but make the world around you better.

MINDFUL CREATORS THE COURSE is a 6 week online training that you can repeat as often as you'd like. 

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What You Get ​Training Details

Week 1: How to Tap Into the Power of your Imagination 

Your imaginations is a magnet, drawing to you the resources, people and events you focus on the most. In week 1, you will learn how to direct your imagination toward the things you want and away from worry, fear and stress.

Week 2: How to Blue Print your Goals

Dreams are wonderful but get you nowhere without having a plan. Learn to convert dreams and desires into clear, quantifiable blue prints so you can measure success, enjoy the progress and develop the skills and talents you need to take your personal and professional lives to the next level.

Week 3: Why You Can Succeed at any Age

Growth and expansion are natural. The happiest, most powerful and successful men and women are those who never stop training, learning and growing. In week 3, you reconnect to your innate curiosity and develop a specific training protocol based on your blueprint. 

Week 4: How to Stay Motivated

Goals will not be achieved unless they truly matter to you. In Week 4, you understand the importance of knowing your WHY and reconnect with what really matters to you. This energy will fuel the realization of your dreams.

Week 5: Rock Solid Confidence Everywhere

Stop wasting time on actions that bring you no joy and no success. Learn to zero in on the actions that lead you to your goals and bring the greatest joy to your life. Develop greater confidence in how you show up in all areas of your life and in all relationships.

Week 6: How to Never Fail

Stop beating yourself up with a sense of needing to be perfect or perform for someone else. When things don't go according to plan, access the valuable information that will help you expand into the life you were meant to live. Feel confident that you are exactly where you need to be while you grow and expand.

How to build your dream life,

while enjoying the process!

Whether this is your first time in a personal development course or you have been studying life mastery for years, you will experience real results. You will learn instantly applicable, real-life tools and techniques throughout this course to help you find more health, build new skills, love more, and enjoy creating more success and impact in the world.


You are not alone. This is where you can create new sustainable ways of being. Find the courage to live your life... full out! Your Mindful Creators unlimited access gives you everything you need to succeed..



50 years of research and testing went into the development of this course

Our intention was and is to create a safe and powerful space for you to explore and train in as you learn a new way of being.  This course uses the most advanced technologies available to bring you the best personal and professional development tools, training, tribe and support. It is  not only transformational, easily accessible, affordable and fun, but it is also sustainable.



The course was designed to be completed in 6 weeks with a minimum investment of time, approximately 20-30 minutes a day. By using multiple modalities of learning, audio, video and written exercises we are able to help you create lasting change and develop  the success habits that will follow you everywhere.

  • Curriculum Videos

    Your training videos are short, and packed full of ideas, tools and exercises that will change your life.

  • Mindful Creators Playbook

    You will be shipped our 130 page Mindful Creators Playbook with daily trainings that take the concepts you learn and has you apply them for instant results

  • Audio Trainings And Guided Meditations

    This training engages you left as well as right brain with the goal of helping you internalize these success principles

  • An Awesome Tribe

    Some people love to keep this training private but many of you will want to connect with our Private Global Facebook. Meet and study with brilliant, motivated individuals from all over the world.

See what some of our tribe have to say:

 As a Mindful Creator; Today, I count myself in when offering LOVE! Today I pause, reflect and truly VALUE life! Today, I choose JOY more often... Today I feel blessed to know that I have the tools for a richer, fuller, happier, more adventurous life!  Today, I recognize I have one life and it’s completely up to ME just what I want that to look like ❤️❤️❤️I am so grateful for you both, the gifts I receive and give through the process and for our amazing tribe! Standing in my power, coming from a place of LOVE ... What a blessing!.

Kathy Annable Pokorny

 Specifically it has launched me on a path I have desired deep down inside but wasn't sure how to begin. I am working more and more everyday as a Mindful Creator of healing energy and love for others. It inspired me and taught me to BELIEVE that I am worthy of all my dreams.

Gina DeGirolamo

This pair is terrific! So positive, supportive and uplifting...they are the REAL deal! Bill & Dr.Laura came into my life just when I needed them most, and taught me how to love myself and believe that anything is possible!


Thank you!


Erin Mcintire

Since my journey began with the Mindful Creators one year has past. The process that has unfolded has been fascinating. Came into work my business but God, the universe and myself said something else needs to shift to complete this journey I've been on. Since this realization I reclaimed my total full power with much more wisdom and stood up against some darkness. I've come through the tunnel and into my full light, grace power and clarity. Bill Poett and Laura Ciel thank you for the tools and believing in me. ☆ Cheers


Heather Bond

MINDFUL CREATORS THE COURSE is a 6 week online training that you can repeat as often as you'd like. 

Start Your Training Today And Save $500

No Risk, With Our Total Satisfaction Guarantee

The best investment you will ever make!

Unlimited Access

Free upgrades




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Our Total Satisfaction GUARANTEE... 

WE HAVE NEVER FAILED A CLIENT THAT WAS WILLING TO TRAIN. We know that this will be one of the best investments you will ever make and we are not afraid to guarantee it.


If you complete this course and are not 100% convinced that this is one of the best investments you have ever made, let us know and you will receive a full refund and get to keep all of the course materials! No problem. No risk. No worries.


**Full disclosure: You will be asked to send us your completed playbook as proof of completion because change does not happen without training.

The world can feel so stressful, overwhelming and chaotic that it sometimes gets confusing about where to turn and what to do.


It can even feel like you don't know how you will endure the pain or suffering any longer... that maybe it is just easier to give up... but then there is that little nudge that there must be a new way of being... that there has got to be a way out...


There is!


This is exactly why we created the Mindful Creators Academy. It is truly the place hope begins and it is the place where you will flourish. It is the place where you can take refuge from the chaos, sadness and/or frustration in the life around you, momentarily, in order to begin mindfully creating the life that turns you on.


We don't promise a "perfect" life, but we do promise you that if you sign up today for the Mindful Creators Academy and you train with us, you WILL experience a new way of being... a beautiful, sustainable and enjoyable way of being. We guarantee it.


The information contained here is intended to educate and inspire you on your personal journey toward a fulfilled life. This course and the materials contained within it are not a replacement for care best provided by a qualified professional and is not a substitute for medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Your Guides

And founders of Life Advance International LLC


Dr. Laura Ciel

Dr. Laura inspires transformation through her open heart, clarity, integrity and intense passion for anyone to have the opportunity to live a full and vibrant life, no matter the circumstances.


She has a BA in Economics/Business from UCLA, an MA and PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and has studied at the Université de Grenoble in France as well as the Coaches Training Institute (CTI France).  She has worked for almost 30 years with individuals and teams facing challenging and/or tragic situations and knows the power of love and the gift of being true to yourself.


Bill Poett

Bill believes that love is the most powerful force on earth and service the highest calling.


Holding 11 degrees of Black Belt and a former close quarter combat instructor, Bill is author of the breakthrough training book The ABC's of Peak Performers and Live and Love Fearlessly. Bill’s martial arts background brings a no nonsense approach to our teams and the clients that we serve. After thirty years as a Peak Performance expert, training members of America’s most elite military, corporate, and athletic teams, Bill is ready, willing and able to serve you.


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